We maintain telephone systems from a number of telephone manufacturers, including Unify, Siemens HiPath, Ericsson-LG and LG-Nortel.

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Why Choose Us For Your Telephone System's Maintenance?

Nearly 30 years of customer service

We have been providing telephone maintenance since 1986.  Our Helpdesk and installation engineers have built up a wealth of experience during this time. This is further backed by the manufacturer's UK engineering support and a network of manufacturer trained field engineers to ensure that no matter how difficult your problem, we can fix it.

Helpdesk and Remote Support

All of our maintenance clients have access to our Helpdesk and remote support.  Whether it is keeping directories and handset buttons up to date with staff changes, changing call handling and voicemails as your business grows and restructures, or remote diagnosing of problems, our Helpdesk engineers are there to provide day-to-day support.  Your receptionist and staff can be confident they have a person they can ring if they have any questions at all, and someone who can advise how to sort problems out.  Sometimes the hardest thing is working out who to call, and we often help even when we have not provided what is eventually diagnosed to be the faulty equipment - evenwhen we haven't supplied it.

Personal service

When you order a system from us or report a fault or problem, we allocate a point-of-contact for you.  There is no being bounced from person to person trying to find the right department.  You have one person to call, one person to chase, and one person who will co-ordinate our response, one person who is guaranteed to ring you back.  The first point of call is often the Helpdesk, who also co-ordinate with field engineers, second and third line support and the warehouses to make sure you are provided the service you need.

Telephone System Maintenance Options

Every business approaches maintenance and support differently.  Much depends on how important your telephone calls are to you.  The more essential they are, the more essential is the maintenance response.  We have several levels of service available to you.


You may not be a regular client, but you may have a problem that needs resolving, probably quickly.  We can provide on-site installation or fault support on a time and material basis. Ring the Helpdesk on 01753 480080 to book an engineer.

Remote Support

Our annual remote support contracts include unlimited access to the Helpdesk and daily remote programming changes in your system.  Any additions to the system or fault repairs are not covered, but advice and remote diagnosis is.

System Only

For older systems this is a good option.  As well as all the benefits of our Remote Support package, in the event of a fault, on-site parts and labour for the central equipment is covered, but handsets and peripherals are not.

Full Maintenance

This is the option most clients choose.  In addition to the remote support and full cover of the central equipment, all the client handsets and softphones and covered too. You can have total confidence that whatever the problem, we will be there to sort it.

Call the Helpdesk on 01753 480080 to talk through your requirements or to get an accurate quote for regular maintenance of your system.

­ Have any questions? Call us 01753 480080

About Us

Supporting start-up, small and medium sized businesses.

Mark WilsonDS Chiltern specialises in helping small and medium sized businesses.  Small businesses and start up businesses need a different type of service to larger businesses.  They typically do not have IT departments and professionals, and need a reliable service provider they can trust.

DS Chiltern, was formed by Mark Wilson (right) and has  been providing telecommunication solutions for over 25 years.  During that time we have built up a wealth of experience that we constantly call upon to help support and find the right solution for our clients.  With the knowledge we’ve gained over this time we can offer our customers a single supplier solution to meet all their voice and data needs

The portfolio we offer is very impressive, but we understand that that alone is not good enough for you to choose us.  That’s why we’ve worked exceptionally hard to make sure that the customer service we provide is equally impressive.  Our helpdesk supports Ericsson-LG iPECS users and provides technical sales support for spares and handsets.  Our Technical Sales engineers will also advise on complete systems and all the options available to you. 

We can offer you a full service that covers consultancy, project management, sales, installation, maintenance and training; which means from the moment you contact us we’re there to support and advise you. 

We also understand that technology is progressing at an incredibly fast rate so we only provide solutions that can be enhanced and upgraded as and when your business needs it.

Our customers are important to us, quite simply without them we wouldn’t be here!  So we’d like to thank them all for their continued support.