The Unify X5 is the mid-point of the OpenScape Business family and a real power house. 

OSBiz X5Based on over twenty years experience of providing and maintaining Unify (formerly Siemens Enterprise Communications) we can thoroughly recommend the X5 product.  It is competitively priced for simple, small to medium offices (10 + users) but can be expanded to a massive 500 users with full unified communications and network with other OpenScape systems for multi-branch working anywhere in the world.

This telephone system is a serious contender.  Call us for more details.

Technical Details

The X5 system combines Unify's 30 years of telephone experience with cutting edge benefits and smart phone and desktop integration.  Aimed at small to medium companies, it will expand way beyond what most medium sized businesses will need. You may start with eight handsets in a single office and this will be the perfect system for you.  Years later when you have over 100 people in your offices, remote workers and field sales people, this system will still be the perfect one you.  You will have added some hardware, but the original system itself will be the same. 

Out of the box the X5 is equiped as follows (and can be expanded to these maximums*)

  • 2 ISDN2 Lines (expandable to 26 lines(52 channels)) and 30 channels of ISDN30
  • 60 SIP (VoIP) trunks
  • 8 Digital extensions (expandable to 56)
  • 150 IP clients (expandable to 500)
  • 32 (rack mount) or 64 (wall mount) DECT handsets via external DECT bases
  • 4 Analogue extensions (expandable to 56 for rack mount or 68 wall mount)
  • UC Smart client software (up to 50 users out of the box, expandable to 150 and then 500) 
  • The system comes rack mountable or wall mountable

OSBiz X5 WThe flexibility of Unify X5 is especially obvious in mixed infrastructures where VoIP is installed but traditional analogue and digital telephones, fax machines, and modems are still in use. Unify X5 supports any combination of IP, analogue, and digital telephones, as well as PC clients and cordless phones.

As a modular communication platform, Unify X5 is able to satisfy the requirements of companies with stringent demands. It is a flexible and scalable solution that can be combined with an incredibly broad range of applications and features and coordinated with the individual requirements of your company.

Unify OpenScape Business X5 is an innovative and flexible convergence platform that perfectly adapts communications to your company structure. Whether your aim is to enhance growth or seamlessly integrate branch offices or mobile staff, the three expansion stages of the Unify X5 are the perfect solution for optimizing costs and business processes.

Enhanced features of traditional telephony combined with applications such as CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), UCD (Uniform Call Distribution), and Unified Messaging support all communications processes at the workplace and in all work environments. If an extension is left unattended, the Team function or integrated voicemail ensures that no call is missed.

VoIP (Internet telephony)

Nowadays, there are more network providers offering telephony services than ever before. As the de-facto standard for Internet telephony, induces Internet telephony service providers (ITSP) to provide attractive applications and business models.

With its SIP interfaces, Unify X5 helps to converge network services and to drastically cut communication costs. Unify X5 already supports new SIP options, including SIP phones or user and system connections for Internet telephony.

With Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and authentication applications, you can shape your company securely for the future with Unify X5, without any compromises in terms of security.

Lower costs

Consolidating voice and data communication in an IP-based network not only enables the deployment of applications that decrease company call charges and hardware costs, it may also increase productivity. A separate voice network no longer needs to be installed and maintained, resulting in decreased outlay for administration and maintenance for systems and applications, as these tasks are now centralized. In addition, existing Internet connections can be optimized for calls to the public telephone network, thereby reducing the costs for separate ISDN lines.

Flexible configuration

The “One wire to the desk” concept allows additional telephones to be connected via an existing LAN cable. Integrated miniswitches are used for connecting the PC. Power over Ethernet switches supply power to IP telephones without the need for additional PSUs. Convergent platforms allow DSL and ISDN connections to be combined. ISDN connections can be configured as backups in case a fault occurs in the IP connection to the provider. They can also be configured as additional channels, for example, for fax machines or modems

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