'My television is 'smart', why can't my telephone system be 'smart' too?'

Over the years we have found clients are looking to make work life easier for themselves, and with the advent of smartphone apps, many are looking for their telephone system to be intelligent enough to work smart too.  The iPECS UCP is just that.  It has huge capablilty which you can add as and when you need it, just like you would add premium apps to your smartphone or smart TV. 
At DS Chiltern we can help you choose the right system and the right apps to work best for your business, and we can then install, set up and maintain it for you.  Call us today for more details.

UCP and Microsoft Lync

UCP stands for unified communications platform and it is designed to bring so called Enterprise Communications to small and medium sized businesses.  This product is typically chosen by businesses who want their telephone system to work hard for them and offer calls, voicemail, instant messaging, video and email notifications - all in one place, wherever you are working.  iPECS UCP does just that.  Out of box it gives a Unified Communication and Mobility solution. It is then scalable to offer premium UC benefits by adding licenses to the system.  It also has Lync optimisation to allow you to integrate Microsoft Lync and the telephone system - There's a novel thought.
Easy and economical UC
Users can use video, IM, audio conference, visual voice mail, as well as voice calls on one platform. As external server, iPECS UCS Premium server provides more various collaboration features if required.
Increase reliability with distribution architecture
Geographical / Server redundancy and T-Net features provide high reliability and makes management very easy for both local and remote offices.
Anytime & Anywhere Connectivity
iPECS UCS mobile client, Communicator, Mobile Extension, DECT, and Wi-Fi terminals are optimized. Mobile communications are available both in and out of the office.
Improved business performance
iPECS CCS, IPCR, Attendant, NMS, Voice Mail, Click Call, and Microsoft Lync are optimized. These applications help users build an unified and efficient communications solution fit with user’s business situation.
Simple installation and management
Web management (i.e. install wizard) based on HTML5 helps the administrator can install easily and changes the configuration simply.
Efficient investment
Capacity can be expanded by a simple license. Users can save on initial cost and can invest for additional license as their business grows.
• iPECS UCS Client Support
• Mobile Extension
• Auto Attendant/Voice Mail Group
• E-Mail Notification
• Centralized Voice Mail
• Embedded Hotel Features
• Embedded SIP
• Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
• One Number Service
• Web Administration
• Web Call Back
• Centralized Control T-NET
• System Geographic Redundancy
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About Us

Supporting start-up, small and medium sized businesses.

Mark WilsonDS Chiltern specialises in helping small and medium sized businesses.  Small businesses and start up businesses need a different type of service to larger businesses.  They typically do not have IT departments and professionals, and need a reliable service provider they can trust.

DS Chiltern, was formed by Mark Wilson (right) and has  been providing telecommunication solutions for over 25 years.  During that time we have built up a wealth of experience that we constantly call upon to help support and find the right solution for our clients.  With the knowledge we’ve gained over this time we can offer our customers a single supplier solution to meet all their voice and data needs

The portfolio we offer is very impressive, but we understand that that alone is not good enough for you to choose us.  That’s why we’ve worked exceptionally hard to make sure that the customer service we provide is equally impressive.  Our helpdesk supports Ericsson-LG iPECS users and provides technical sales support for spares and handsets.  Our Technical Sales engineers will also advise on complete systems and all the options available to you. 

We can offer you a full service that covers consultancy, project management, sales, installation, maintenance and training; which means from the moment you contact us we’re there to support and advise you. 

We also understand that technology is progressing at an incredibly fast rate so we only provide solutions that can be enhanced and upgraded as and when your business needs it.

Our customers are important to us, quite simply without them we wouldn’t be here!  So we’d like to thank them all for their continued support.